Who do I make the check out to

Mar 12, 2013 | Services

How do I get cash from my checking account?

Many customers choose to withdraw funds by using their VISA Check Card at either of our drive up ATM machines.  One is located on the west side of our facility at 2 Kelli Ct and the other features a new touch screen located at 301 S. Grant St. next to Hardees.

Another withdrawal method is when you come to see us at 2 Kelli Ct. (and we love to see you anytime!!).  Simply write a check to yourself or to cash, endorse the back and our teller staff will be happy to get the cash.  For additional security of your check, we recommend all checks be made payable to yourself when possible.  Checks made payable to First National Bank & Trust Co. can only be used as a payment for a loan, safe deposit box, or other service fee.

While it is always better to use your own check, should you not have a check with you, we can create a counter check for you to sign for withdrawal.  Regardless of your need, we are here to assist and look forward to seeing you soon!

D'Ana Windhorn
Assistant Cashier

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