Should I push debit or credit

Mar 4, 2013 | VISA Debit Cards

Many of us experience the scenario multiple times every day and may not know what is really the "best" answer is.  I say "best" because there is no right or wrong, either will ultimately deduct the money from your checking account when using your First National Bank & Trust Company's VISA Debit Card.  However, as a general rule, we recommend selecting "credit" whevenver possible for the following reasons:



  • Your limit is a 24 hour period is higher when the card is run as a "credit".  You may quickly approach you daily "debit" limit resulting in unwanted denials.  The "credit" limit will be more than enough for most customers unless they will be making a large purchase that day.
  • If you are making a large purchase, we can temporarily raise the "credit" limit.  The approval will still be based on the balance of you account.
  • Ever been denied because you "froze" on your PIN number?  Not a problem if you are using the "credit" system.  No PIN number required, just a signature.
  • Using your card as a "credit" at the gas pump an prevent unnecessary large holds on your account.  When using the card as a "debit", holds are typically $75 - $100 while holds on the credit side are typically $1.00.
  • Privacy!  You don't have to worry about the clerk or someone behind you picking up your PIN number while you enter it.  You PIN number should be used as little as possible and kept as private as possible.

If you need an increased limit, a new card, or having any questions regarding your FNB VISA Debit Card, please call me at 217-935-2148.

Debbie Stapleton
Assistant Cashier

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